Making a positive impact together


Making a positive impact on a daily basis

Discover the tangible differences made in the lives of individuals facing homelessness and harsh living conditions through the efforts of the Sheltersuit Foundation.

Through innovative solutions, efficient outreach, and dedicated partnerships. Significant strides are being taken to create positive change, build trust, and improve the well-being of those in need.

Our products are not meant as a replacement for finding a home but as a supplement when there's no other choice. 

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28.342 Sheltersuits and Shelterbags distributed through partnerships

At Sheltersuit Foundation, we understand that working with people experiencing homelessness demands swift action, innovation and effective resources.

That’s why we've established partnerships with helping organisations, bringing dignified solutions to those who need it most.

That is the art in this work. Establishing trust. Sometimes a conversation is worth more than any pill.

- Theresa, Arztmobil team Caritas Berlin -

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204 jobs created for newcomers to the labor market

The people working at the atelier form the heart of the organisation. Without this wonderful team, we wouldn't be able to produce products for those living in harsh conditions.

At Sheltersuit Foundation, we have a diverse range of nationalities among our workforce. Some people work on a voluntary basis at Sheltersuit, while others are employed on a permanent basis.

In the atelier, the majority of workers are people with a distance to the labor market from countries such as Syria, Ukraine, and Eritrea. They often have experience in textiles and are empowered once again at Sheltersuit Foundation.

The ultimate goal is to prepare them for the labour market through Sheltersuit Foundation. We support them with Dutch language lessons (in addition to their integration courses), and Sheltersuit employs a job coach to provide the best possible support to the workers.

Sheltersuit feels like one big family.

- Moumin Albibi -

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141.710 kg leftover materials upcycled

We use as many leftover materials as possible for every product we produce.

For the exterior of the products, we use high-quality materials from TenCate Outdoor Fabrics and TenCate Protective Fabrics. Additionally, for the lining of our products, we utilize items such as sleeping bags collected from festivals and sourced from thrift stores.

By providing our expertise and materials for the Shelterbags, we aim to contribute to the well-being of those individuals who lack the security of a home and a stable place to sleep. 

- Jan Joost Bosman, CEO Auping -

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“If I can change, anyone can.”


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