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Does your company want to contribute to our mission? We are always looking for new opportunities to bridge the gap between those wanting to help and those in need.

As a commercial organisation, you can help us and contribute to excisting projects or new initiatives.

Partner with us to share immediate shelter, create jobs and repurpose waste materials.


Together we can make a bigger impact

Make a financial donation

Make a direct, tangible impact with a one-time or recurring financial contribution.

Corporate collaborations

The issue of homelessness requires collective action. That’s why we collaborate with others to tackle this problem.

Donation of materials

Our products are made as much as possible from upcycled materials. We are always looking for the right materials to make our products. If you wish to donate materials, please contact us.

Business partnerships

We provide homeless people with immediate shelter, we create jobs, reduce waste streams and encourage trust. If this aligns with your company's mission, let's collaborate. We are always seeking partnerships to amplify our impact.

Create impact in your region 

You can also make a difference for homeless people in your own region and create targeted impact. Contact us to explore the possibilities.

Start your own fundraiser

Join us in taking action for homeless people! Start your own fundraising campaign for the Sheltersuit Foundation today.

We vow to focus on what unites us, and not on what divides us. Partnering with Sheltersuit, helped us help more people. 

- Marcella, director People For People -

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Want to help?

A world where everyone knows dignity and has access to shelter? This calls for collaboration. We're eager to bridge the gap between you and those who need you.


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Join forces with Sheltersuit and make a tangible difference in the lives of those experiencing homelessness. Together, we can create a more compassionate and supportive community, showcasing your commitment to social responsibility.

Contact us today to explore how we can collaborate to bring warmth and dignity to those in need.


Support us to bridge the gap

Help us make the world a better place, one Sheltersuit at a time. Donate now and make a difference. Together, we bridge the gap. For you, and for them.