people helping people

our mission

Since 2014 we’ve been designing and manufacturing emergency disaster relief, multifunctional products that provide immediate shelter to people experiencing homelessness.

10,000+ homeless protected

Partnering with local NGOs and shelters to understand the true needs of each community, we provide complementary services and distribute our products to the people that need them the most.

21,000kg of upcycled materials

Created from the textile industry's surplus of fabrics, we believe in repurposing materials for a purpose.

112 jobs

Produced by people with a distance to the labour market (ie: former refugees and former homeless individuals), we want to close the loop and create job opportunities for communities to overcome poverty.

Innovative design that provides immediate shelter

The Sheltersuit is a wind and waterproof jacket with an optional sleeping bag attachment to provide immediate shelter. The Sheltersuit consist of a jacket, sleeping bag and a duffel bag. The jacket is made from high-quality, breathable tent-fabric. The inner lining is made from upcycled sleeping bags, making each Sheltersuit unique. The large hood shields the face from rain and streetlights, and contains an integrated scarf.

The Shelterbag is a portable, sheltered bed that rolls up into a bag. It is waterproof, lightweight, easy to handle and has an extra compartment for some personal items. It comes with a sleeping bag and a built-in pillow but also has room for an extra mattress or blanket, making it adaptable for all seasons. A flexible tent pole is integrated into the hood to keep it upright, providing more space and better shelter from the rain.

Recent stories

Unsheltered moments

Ubuntu: I am because we are

Major winter storms have led to flooding and power outages across Cape Town. The heavy rainfall creates hazardous situations for Cape Town’s unsheltered community, who risk being caught by flash floods. These extreme weather conditions pose a great danger to Cape Town’s vulnerable unsheltered.

Unsheltered moments

Surviving through friendship

Known as a compassionate and kind man with a love of nature, Jerald believes in living in peace and being understanding of each other. On his own, Jerald was an easy target to gangsters who would attack him. Forming friendships on the streets has been a critical survival tool as they each take care of one another.

Unsheltered moments

“If I can change, anyone can.”

Shane lives under the bridge with his unsheltered friends in Cape Town. When he was 17, Shane left school to work and support his family. His tough childhood led him to hang out with the wrong people and he ended up in prison. When he came out, he decided to live a different life on the street.