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Join us and start a fundraiser

With each action you take, you bring us closer to our goal: a world where everyone is treated with dignity and has access to warmth and shelter.

Through impactful products and by building trust.
The more people support us, the more people we can help.


This is how you can help

Take the initiative and bridge the gap with us! Here, you can easily launch your own fundraising campaign for Sheltersuit Foundation. Start your campaign! 

Are you athletic? 

Walk, bike, run, and get sponsored to support the Sheltersuit Foundation! 

Got a special occasion coming up? 

Whether it's a birthday, baby shower, wedding, or anniversary, ask your loved ones to make a donation to the Sheltersuit Foundation instead of gifts. 

Are you entrepreneurial?

From baking cakes to washing cars and from selling old items to collecting deposit bottles; your skills can truly make a difference. 

Every action, every effort, helps us bridge the gap, bringing us closer to a world filled with dignity and shelter. Together, we stand strong and make a tangible difference! 

- Theresa, Arztmobil team Caritas Berlin -


Support us to bridge the gap

Help us make the world a better place, one Sheltersuit at a time. Donate now and make a difference. Together, we bridge the gap. For you, and for them.