People helping people

What we care about

Sheltersuit is a place where people work together with thoughtfulness and dedication, creating products that help ease the symptoms for people experiencing homelessness.

Sharing shelter

We create products thoughtfully designed to protect people from the elements. With the help of our partners, these products are distributed all over the world, keeping people warm and dry.

Repurpose for purpose

The fashion and textiles industry is extraordinarily wasteful. For us, that’s an opportunity to take high quality materials and repurpose them into something meaningful.

Opportunities and development

We want to close the gap for people with a distance to the labour force. For newcomers, people who’ve overcome hardship or people with a disability, we feel privileged to create employment opportunities.


The Sheltersuit for cold winters

The Sheltersuit is a wind and waterproof jacket with an optional sleeping bag attachment to provide immediate shelter. The Sheltersuit consist of a jacket, sleeping bag and a duffel bag. The jacket is made from high-quality, breathable tent-fabric.

The inner lining is made from upcycled sleeping bags, making each Sheltersuit unique. The large hood shields the face from rain and streetlights, and contains an integrated scarf.

The Shelterbag

The Shelterbag, suited for warmer climates

The Shelterbag is a portable, sheltered bed that rolls up into a bag. It is waterproof, lightweight, easy to handle and has an extra compartment for some personal items.

It comes with a built-in mattress and a pillow, but also has room for an extra sleeping bag or blanket, making it adaptable for all seasons.

A flexible tent pole is integrated into the hood to keep it upright, providing more space and better shelter from the rain.

Recent stories

people helping people

Samusocial de Paris

We joined a night shift at Samusocial de Paris. Their mobile assistance teams – made up of a social worker, a nurse, and a driver – go out day and night to meet homeless people on the streets throughout Paris.

people helping people

NAS Rotterdam

How Dennis’ Sheltersuit was part of his journey towards housing in Rotterdam. He was sitting outside on a bench, when Bob first offered him a Sheltersuit. Six months later, we are invited for Dennis’ housewarming.

unsheltered moments

Unsheltered Moments L.A. – part 2

We’d like to introduce you to some of the people we’ve had to pleasure of meeting this winter when we were in Los Angeles with 530 Shelterbags from our social factory in Cape Town.