short term, big impact

The Sheltersuit, for colder climates

The Sheltersuit is a wind- and waterproof jacket with an optional attached sleeping bag to provide immediate shelter. The Sheltersuit consists of a jacket, sleeping bag, and a duffel bag. The jacket is made from high-quality, breathable tent fabric.

The inner lining is made from upcycled sleeping bags, making each Sheltersuit unique. The large hood shields the face from rain and streetlights, and contains an integrated scarf.

The Sheltersuit is an extremely useful and practical tool. It puts words into action.

- Bob Kloosterziel -
Salvation Army, Rotterdam

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How we make a difference

Our goal is twofold. Firstly, we want to provide practical, immediate relief to those facing homelessness. A first step to stable living conditions and, where possible, a home.  

Secondly, we want to change society’s perception of homelessness, understanding it not as an individual failing but as a societal issue that we have the collective power to address.


We create products designed to protect people from the elements. With the help of our partners, these products are distributed all over the world, keeping people warm and dry.


We want to contribute to the reduction of waste streams. That's why we predominantly use upcycled, high-quality materials when making our products.

People and trust

We distribute our products through helping organisations. An immediate solution for shelter and first step to safety, connection and trust.


Support us to bridge the gap

We believe that everyone deserves warmth, protection, and dignity. That's why we fight to provide immediate protection to anyone sleeping outside. Because shelter is a human necessity.