Partnering with NGOs to support  homeless people


Together we can restore dignity and trust in people

We believe that a world where everyone is treated with dignity and has access to shelter is possible through collective efforts. Our partnerships with helping organisations are a testament to our vision.

The relationship between helping organisations and the homeless community is vital. With our products, we offer immediate assistance and encourage trust. Acting as a bridge between those in need and the assistance they deserve.

bridging the gap

Sheltersuit is more
than just a suit

Immediate impact

Made from upcycled materials, our products offer immediate protection against the elements.

Building trust

By providing immediate shelter, we not only offer protection but also help to open the door to trust, and long-term assistance.

First steps

As a symbol of care, the Sheltersuit can be a first step towards reestablishing trust and a new future.

Securing a spot in a shelter can be challenging. The beds available, they are consistently full. Many have to sleep outside, and that’s where the Sheltersuit steps in.

- Valerie Spagna, Armée du Salut -
Geneva, Switzerland

Impact through meaningful partnerships

At Sheltersuit Foundation, we understand that working with people experiencing homelessness demands swift action, innovation and effective resources.

That’s why we've established partnerships with helping organisations, bringing dignified solutions to those who need it most.

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Bridging the gap

Join us in bridging the gap

If you work for a helping organisation, we invite you to collaborate with us. Together, we can provide comfort, safety, and hope to those who need it most.

Let's join hands in creating a world where everyone, no matter their circumstances, is treated with dignity and respect.

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