Utopia 56, L' Auberge des Migrants and Sheltersuit have joined forces in Calais to provide essential support to refugees. Calais has become a focal point of a deep humanitarian crisis, with countless displaced individuals seeking refuge and facing dire circumstances. In the midst of this challenging situation, our goal is to make a difference by extending a helping hand to those in need. We need your support. Calais is an ongoing crisis.

It has been 30 years since people are stuck at the border, forced to be living in awful conditions

Francesca Morassut, coordinator at Utopia56

People in Calais do not have any sense of refuge as their belongings are always taken away and their tents dismantled

Calais, our shelter without shelter

Calais is a city in northern France where many people who have fled from violence and persecution in their homelands hope to find safety and a new life in the UK. The people who seek refuge in Calais face many risks and challenges in their current situation.

The French authorities often mistreat the people living in these sites and try to force them to leave or prevent them from coming, but this does not address the root causes of their displacement or their need for protection.

We are talking about a humanitarian call of of action.

William Feuillard, a dedicated field worker at L'Auberge des Migrants, tirelessly works to empower individuals by ensuring their voices are heard, their safety is prioritized, and their needs are acknowledged and addressed.


Utopia 56 and L’Auberge des Migrants contribute with their expertise in emergency aid, establishing shelters and safe spaces  while our portable functional solutions offer  shelter and warmth, while

Together, we strive to alleviate the issue of displaced individuals and raise global awareness of the crisis in Calais.

The Sheltersuit is meant to protect against the elements and acts as a portable shelter

We brought help in form of Sheltersuits, many more are still needed

To fight this we had a clear action, bringing Sheltersuits to Calais. We want to do more. We can speak about the situation, we can provide warmth, care, and freedom both through the products and by uniting forces.

The situation is a humanitarian crisis requiring a cooperative response from individuals like you and us. We brought hundreds of Sheltersuits but the crisis is ongoing. People still need our help.

The Sheltersuit is meant to protect the person and empower them to feel comfortable and safe. Give a Sheltersuit, give voice, give a chance.

With police evictions, tents, blankets and overall clothes, being taken by the police, people are left with nothing. The Sheltersuits can help keep someone warm and free. When they told us that they were able to bring us hundreds of them in Calais, that’s amazing!

William Feuillard, coordinator at L'Auberge des Migrants

The situation in Calais calls for a collective unity in providing support, from attention, to warmth and shelter

We want to help more

Given our current efforts and the amount of Sheltersuits we have brought it is unlikely that we can achieve a significant impact in the field.

However, we can still strive to alleviate the hardships faced by displaced individual and simultaneously aim to raise awareness about the situation in Calais. By doing so, we hope to increase the number of people who are getting the support they need.

We ask you to continue helping us to support Calais.

We can not talk about respect of human rights here in Calais, it doesn’t justify in any matter, in any way what happens here. It is our hope to alleviate the situation as much as possible.

Francesca Morassut, coordinator at Utopia56

Active partnerships

We want to thank all the active NGOs in Calais!

Your work and dedication is saving lives! You are protecting lives, providing support, trust, and hope for a future where people can feel safe!

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