Unsheltered business

Together we can do more

Three areas of impact

Partner with us to create jobs, repurpose waste materials and share shelter

We are committed every day to creating impactful, specially designed products. But we can’t do it alone. Support organisations and companies share knowledge, distribution options and resources to help us scale our impact further. So far, we’ve been able to offer professional development training and jobs in our social factories, repurpose high quality materials and produce hundreds of products that support people experiencing homelessness. 

Caddy and her dogs Aris and Skillet in New York City

Products that protect

The experience of homelessness is truly challenging. It’s a multifaceted and complex challenge which is different for every person, in every community, in every country.

Our partners are able to support us in the development and production of our specially designed products and in the distribution of them.

Together, we can help ease the symptoms of homelessness, and help people feel warm, dry and comfortable.

Sheltersuit x Chloé
Chloé during Paris Fashion week 2021

Repurposed materials for something better

Fashion and textiles industries give us the opportunity to take high quality “waste” materials and make something extraordinary. Together with our partners, we’ve been able to find new materials streams.

This has significantly improved our products, helping protect people from the elements, while simultaneously reducing waste.

Our social factory in Enschede, the Netherlands

Creating opportunities and jobs

We love working together and being creative. The Sheltersuit social factory trains and employs people with a distance to the labour force. Our factory is capable of producing the highest quality, specially designed products for shelter, whether that be a Sheltersuit or a garment for a luxury brand.

For newcomers, people who’ve overcome hardship or people with a disability, we feel privileged to create employment opportunities.

Active partnerships

Feeling inspired? Get in touch and let’s have a chat

At Sheltersuit, we are always looking for new partnerships to support our mission. Does your company want to support us in protecting the homeless with specially designed solutions while reducing waste and creating new jobs for people with a distance to the labour force? Send me a message and let’s talk.

Paul Zurink, Sheltersuit Foundation
Paul Zurink
Head of Distribution
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