the shelterbag

Personal portable tent

The Shelterbag is a portable, sheltered bed that rolls up into a bag. It is waterproof, lightweight, easy to handle and has an extra compartment for some personal items.

It comes with a built-in mattress and a pillow, but also has room for an extra sleeping bag or blanket, making it adaptable for all seasons.

A flexible tent pole is integrated into the hood to keep it upright, providing more space and better shelter from the rain.

The exterior is water repellent

Waterproof but breathable

The exterior of the Shelterbag is made of lightweight, waterproof material. This will keep you dry on a rainy day.

Because the fabric breathes sufficiently, any condensation that may occur on the inside of the Shelterbag dries quickly.

Auping mat in Shelterbag

Integrated mattress and pillow

All Shelterbags come with an integrated mattress which makes sleeping on hard terrain just a little more comfortable. There is also in integrated pillow inside the hood.

For extra comfort, there is enough space to add an extra sleeping bag inside the Shelterbag if needed.

Sleep on your valuable belongings

Keeping your belongings safe is one of the most important challenges when living on the streets. When you have to move from place to place throughout the day, whether it is to get food, services, or to work, having an efficient storage system is crucial.

Due to the placement of the pocket, your valuable belongings are safe underneath your legs while you sleep at night

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