Sleep Out

150 million people are experiencing homelessness right now. The economic effects of COVID-19 are only making that number worse. And with new regulations for safety that require people to be 6 feet apart, many shelters have to decrease capacity majorly with some even closing for good. This is creating the perfect storm- more people on the street and not enough capacity within the current system. We need to act now to provide immediate shelter to all those that are displaced.

We challenge you to join our ongoing campaign to take action and provide shelter for those that are experiencing homelessness. For one night, 8 hours of sleep, Sleep Out in solidarity with our neighbors experiencing homelessness to get a glimpse of the true reality that 150 million people face everyday. During the night you sleep out, invite your friends and family to "sponsor" the night to raise money to provide immediate shelter for someone in your community.


How it works

1. Register & create a profile
Register on the website as a sleeper. To confirm your registration you donate $8 once to the Sheltersuit Foundation. The goal of participating is to create awareness about homelessness within your network and raise money to take action.

2. Fundraise within your network
Make it count. Raise money so that we can provide immediate shelter to everyone forced to sleep outside. Each Shelterbag costs $60, if you raise $300 you can give 5 people warmth, protection and dignity.

3. Lose sleep over it
The real challenge: sleep one night, 8 hours, outside. You are free to choose your own location. Find a spot where you can safely sleep out. If you are in the city with no access to a safe outside area: recreate a space on the floor, in your closet, in your kitchen…get creative with it. The idea is that you simulate an experience that it will be difficult to sleep, just like people experiencing homelessness encounter.

4. Share the love, and challenge your friends
150 million are suffering from homelessness, so we need a movement to create an impact. Invite your friends to do the same, so we can raise awareness and money.

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Sleep outside in your garden or on your balcony for 8 hours, donate 8 euros and challenge 8 of your friends to do the same.

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