Our partnership with Sheltersuit is a key part of Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield’s commitment to social responsibility, as operators of several shopping centers.

Sheltersuit is an organization where people work together with care and dedication to create products that help alleviate the effects of homelessness.

Homelessness is one of the most complex societal issues. There will never be a complete solution to the homelessness problem, but with individual attention and care, the life situation of those affected can be improved.

It could happen to any of us, and we should offer protection and assistance to those in need.

Teaming up with Sheltersuit is a first step in that direction.

People supported 380
Waste upcycled 2089kg
Work provided 3040 hours
An overview of the involved cities.

A support initiative in Germany and Austria.

URW is kicking off in the participating shopping centers with a comprehensive online and offline information campaign to raise awareness about the issue. We’re promoting the initiative through our social media channels and asking for donations. For 2023, we’ve set a goal to increase the donations collected over the last 2 years from 70,000€ to 110,000€. We, at Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield (owners, developers, and operators of shopping centers), will purchase at least 100 Sheltersuits and distribute them to non-profits at our locations in Germany and Austria. Local aid organizations are helping with coordination and organization. In October 2024, we’ll continue the support initiative with a similar goal.

Locations in 2023:

  • Berlin (Gropius Passagen, Neukölln Arcaden, Spandau Arcaden, Forum Steglitz, WILMA Shoppen, Schönhauser Allee Arcaden)
  • Leipzig (Höfe am Brühl, Paunsdorf Center)
  • Gera (Gera Arcaden)
  • Bochum (Ruhrpark Bochum)
  • Mönchengladbach (Minto)
  • Recklinghausen (Palais Vest)
  • Düsseldorf (Düsseldorf Arcaden)
  • Cologne (Köln Arcaden)
  • Oberhausen (Westfield Centro)
  • Stuttgart (Breuningerland Sindelfingen, Breuningerland Ludwigsburg)
  • Munich (Pasing Arcaden, Riem Arcaden)
  • Vienna (Westfield Donau Zentrum, Westfield Shopping City Süd)
Staff from an aid organization are ready to distribute the Sheltersuits.

With your donation, we can provide some warmth.

With your donations, we can make and distribute many more Sheltersuits. For this distribution, we’ve teamed up with local aid organizations to ensure that the Sheltersuits reach those who need them most.

The involved aid groups, thanks to their years of experience and their network, know the local conditions well and know exactly where help is needed and what actions need to be taken. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the situation for people living on the streets without a fixed address has become tougher and more dangerous. Important services like warming stations or direct cold relief are sometimes not accessible.

Even though the main goal is always to find permanent shelter for people, it’s a crucial first step to help immediately – with warmth and dignity. That’s the united goal of everyone involved.

Active partnerships

The Sheltersuit is a wind and waterproof jacket with an optional sleeping bag attachment.

This is a Sheltersuit

The Sheltersuit is a wind and waterproof jacket with an optional sleeping bag attachment to provide instant protection. The Sheltersuit includes a jacket, a sleeping bag, and a duffel bag. The jacket is made from high-quality, breathable tent material. The lining is made from upcycled sleeping bags, making each Sheltersuit unique.

The large hood protects the face from rain and streetlights and has a built-in scarf. The suit was designed to be worn in cold climates.

With your donation, we can provide warmth. Thanks!