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About our workshop.

All of the Sheltersuits, and other products,
are fabricated in our own workshop by refugees
and jobless and homeless people.

It is all about people helping people,
as we put it.



We use upcycled and recycled materials.



In our social workshop people grow,
create and inspire each other.



Sheltersuit brings warmth, joy and opportunities to the people in need.


How you can help us:

Every donation is greatly appreciated by all the volunteers, refugees and homeless who are Sheltersuit.

We use your donation to produce Sheltersuits and create jobs for the ones in need.


Sounds great, I want to donate!

What happens with your donation?

Your donation will be used to make the world a better place.

Sheltersuit consists of a group of individuals who are trying to help the ones who are less fortunate in life.

Your help enables us to continue making Sheltersuits and to invest in our volunteers and employees.



We facilitate education, jobcoaching (re-)integration, food and warmth.



We invest in jobs for our volunteers within our organisation.



We give away large numbers of Sheltersuits to those who need them.


We believe we really can make a difference together.

But we need your help to be able to continue making Sheltersuits and creating jobs.


I want to help!

The Sheltersuit

A small but effective shelter.

We developed the Sheltersuit as a short-term solution for a big problem. Although it does not solve being homeless, it does prevent people from freezing to death.

We believe every single human live matters and therefore everybody deserves a small shelter when they need one.

Every Sheltersuit consists of:

  • Big hoody
  • Integrated scarf
  • Lightweight and warm insulation
  • Big pockets
  • Strong cuffs with windbreakers
  • Zippable sleeping-bag
  • Wind- and waterproof, breathable fabric
  • A sleeping-bag which can be transformed
    into a larger warm blanket
  • The Sheltersuit has an opening at the bottom
    in case the user needs to move fast


The Sheltersuit

The Shelteruit is a waterproof and windproof coat which can be transformed into a sleepingbag. You simply zip the sleepingbag onto the coat and your whole body is protected against the elements.

During the day the sleepingbag can be stored in the matching backpack. The suits are given to homeless people and refugees for free.



We need your help to make a difference

By donating you enable us to produce more Sheltersuits, saving lives and creating jobs.

Share our message on social media so we can start a movement of people helping people. With this movement we will make this world a better place, one Sheltersuit at the time.


Sounds great, I want to donate!


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