Worldwide, millions of people are forced to sleep outside in the cold. And that number is growing by the minute. Poverty, mental illness, unexpected loss of jobs, natural disasters, and wars are the top causes of homelessness around the world. On the most Eastern Greek Islands, over a million people have desperately been seeking shelter, fleeing from poverty and war. In the Netherlands alone, more than 30.000 people are pushed into homelessness. The number of tragic life occurrences is endless, forcing people into living a life on the streets.

Together we can give them warmth, dignity, and protection.

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The Sheltersuit is a water- and windproof coat that can easily be transformed into a sleeping bag, providing full- body protection. It is made from high-quality materials to ensure extreme durability. All of the materials are upcycled, as they are leftover products, donated by textiles companies. In addition, the lining of the Sheltersuit is made from old sleeping bags. We collect these at festivals or can be sent to us. Not only is every Sheltersuit sustainably sourced, but also locally made as they are all produced in our own social workshop.

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Many of our workers are former refugees, ex-homeless people or people with a distance to the employment market. In our social workshop, we encourage people to socialize with others, breaking any social barriers and segregation. The different cultural backgrounds of the team members create the most unique dynamics. Aside from social interaction, Sheltersuit also offers help to reach personal goals, such as learning the Dutch language. At Sheltersuit, everyone is welcome.

By donating to Sheltersuit you will support the personal development of our workers !



Latest news

  • 650 victims in Sarajevo are happy with their Sheltersuit


    Enschede, December 22nd, 2018 – Despite one day of delay due to snowfall. Bas, fashion designer and founder of Sheltersuit has handed out the first hundred suits to victims in different places in Sarajevo. A Sheltersuit is the only way for most of them to stay warm and dry during day and night. The 650 Sheltersuits were made in different ...

  • Why urgent help is needed on Lesbos, in Dunkirk and in Sarajevo


    We have a problem on the doorstep of Europe: many people, including young children, are homeless or on the run. Governments are not taking appropriate action, nevertheless, we can help. Before the start of the winter, we want to hand out 3,000 Sheltersuits. We will be starting on Lesbos, in Dunkirk and in Sarajevo. Why, we will explain to you ...

  • Thousands of Refugees are stuck in Europe’s Backyard


    This Winter, we, the Sheltersuit Foundation, need to start our national campaign with an emergency call: At this very moment, war victims are suffering in our backyard. Our European backyard. They are stuck all along the border and have been desperately waiting for weeks, months, or even years to receive just the slightest bit of help. It is difficult to ...

  • The Lesbos Campaign: Giving warmth, light and electricity to 1,100 refugees


    Having light in the darkness and owning warm, protective clothing is definitely not taken for granted in the refugee camps on Lesbos. That is why Sheltersuit, Movement on the Ground and the WakaWaka Foundation have teamed up to start a campaign together that creates change. The goal was to bring warmth and energy to every single child in the refugee ...

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