A new chapter for Sheltersuit Foundation

Our executive director, Maarten Amse, recently announced he will be leaving Sheltersuit Foundation. We deeply regret Maarten's departure and are immensely grateful for his remarkable contribution to the growth and further professionalization of the Sheltersuit Foundation.

Every day, Sheltersuit Foundation makes a difference for countless people. We achieve this by alleviating the symptoms of homelessness. We design and produce practical products that have a positive impact. Sheltersuit Foundation is strongly evolving both in the Netherlands and abroad with locations in New York and South Africa.

Maarten has been instrumental in driving this development in the recent period. Starting from October 1st, his duties will be temporarily taken over pro bono by Henk Jan Beltman. Henk Jan will perform these duties part-time, alongside his role as treasurer on the board of the Sheltersuit Foundation. Henk Jan is an experienced social entrepreneur. He served as the chief chocolate officer (CEO) of Tony’s Chocolonely for 12 years and will, together with the Sheltersuit Foundation team, continue to execute the path that has been set.

We are profoundly grateful to Maarten for all his work, the strides he took with the Foundation, and his significant commitment. We are pleased that Maarten has expressed a desire to remain involved as an active ambassador, starting with the Sheltersuit Foundation Ambassador program.

Yung Joo Lockhorn Lamberts
Head of the board of Sheltersuit Foundation