Sheltersuit inside your Christmas box

The Sheltersuit Foundation that stands up for people who are forced to live without shelter. We believe in a world where everyone has access to shelter and is treated with dignity. We at Sheltersuit are committed to making impactful products to build trust between homeless people, and the people who want to help.

Giving warmth this Christmas

Our product, the Sheltersuit, is a warm wind and waterproof jacket with a zip-off sleeping bag that allows us to keep homeless people warm during cold nights. The Sheltersuit is made from upcycled leftover materials from the textile industry. Our products are made in our social factory by former refugees and other people with a distance from the labor market. We depend entirely on donations that allow us to produce and distribute the Sheltersuits to homeless people. 

A meaningful Christmas gift for your team and the world

Are you looking to give a meaningful Christmas present that will help people and bring a sustainable impact? We are here to help you help others and make Christmas warmer and kinder to those in need. Give your Christmas budget to the Sheltersuit Foundation and choose, together with your employees, the region in which we will hand out the Sheltersuit-products.  

Making local impact

More and more companies find it important to contribute in some way to a better world and therefore include Sheltersuit as a charity in their Christmas box. The great thing about us as a charity is that we give companies the opportunity to decide in which region the Sheltersuit products are distributed. In this way, the impact is very local and can be a common choice of your employees. 

For example: Is your company established in London? Then we can make sure that, thanks to your donation, we can offer warmth to people in London. Making local impact, together with your employees, isn’t that the best thing there is?  

Maher and Bas creating a Sheltersuit & Chloé jacket

Together we are People Helping People

Depending on the amount donated, it is also possible to organize an inspiration session at a homeless shelter or a tour at Sheltersuit for you and your employees.  Would you like your company and employees to do something for people in your region? Include us in your Christmas present and let us help you help others. Please send an e-mail to [email protected] or give us a call at +31 (0) 53 203 2375. 

Youp Meek, Sheltersuit Foundation
Youp Meek
General manager @ Sheltersuit Europe
T: +31 (0)53 203 2375

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