The Homelessness situation in the Netherlands asks to be taken seriously.

Bob, Salvation Army Rotterdam

The Sheltersuit is a great tool for us to help homeless people get through the cold winter.

Matea, Caritas Arztmobil Berlin

We cannot help 400 people in a single day but that will not stop us from continuing to help.

Jeanne, Migrants Mission Paris

We try to help them to get the healthcare they need and give them the means to shelter themselves.

Maxime Cheron, Migrants Mission Paris

Even though shelters are full, everyone still qualifies for shelter. This is what the Sheltersuit has given.

Bob, Salvation Army Rotterdam

Hi, my name is Kathleen and I work at De Regenboog Groep in Amsterdam.

If you can only imagine how it it to sleep outside. But, if you have to sleep outside, and there is a possibility of having a Sheltersuit that can keep you warm and protect you from the rain, that would help so much.

It will never be ‘fun’ to sleep outside, but with a Sheltersuit it would be a little more pleasant.

Please help and donate so we can get more Sheltersuits to keep our visitors warm and dry.

A Sheltersuit helps a homeless person to keep the cold out.

Kathleen, De Regenboog Groep

I am Bas Timmer and on behalf of Sheltersuit Foundation, I am asking for your help.

The situation is incredibly tough for those forced to sleep outside. Our mission is global but helping local is the first step. 

We want to distribute Sheltersuits to the most vulnerable people in The Netherlands. This year we have distributed 800 Shletersuits alone but this is not enough. At this moment Shelters are requesting 1200, so, we have 400 to go.

Therefore I am asking you to donate whatever amount you can spare and ask your family and friends to do the same. 

Together with you.