Temperatures have been dropping below freezing at night in Ukraine. With no heating or electricity due to the ongoing war, the demand for Sheltersuits and Shelterbags for the people from the Ukraine is rapidly increasing. Over the past few days, Sheltersuit Foundation has been approached by multiple international aid organizations, requesting over 1,000 Sheltersuits as a start. Chances are, this number will increase rapidly in the weeks to come.

We need your help

As a foundation it’s always been our mission to provide products for people experiencing homelessness, wherever they are needed most. But with a demand so high, we can’t do it alone. We need your help.

Your donation, big or small, will enable us to produce and send more Sheltersuits and Shelterbags. Can we count on you once more?

€164,421 EUR
€309,000 EUR
Sheltersuit Ukraine

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The Sheltersuit for cold winters

The Sheltersuit is a wind and waterproof jacket with an optional sleeping bag attachment to provide immediate shelter. The Sheltersuit consist of a jacket, sleeping bag and a duffel bag. The jacket is made from high-quality, breathable tent-fabric.

The inner lining is made from upcycled sleeping bags, making each Sheltersuit unique. The large hood shields the face from rain and streetlights, and contains an integrated scarf.

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