Niels Vincke is part of the successful Belgian construction company: IsoGroup. We were glad when he contacted the Sheltersuit Foundation. He saw wonderful opportunities for a partnership and was eager to share these ideas with us. Providing comfort, warmth, and a safe environment; are the core values for both the Sheltersuit Foundation and construction company IsoGroup.

Meanwhile, the first very successful distribution has already taken place in Mechelen. We are grateful to take part in such a great collaboration and already see results.

People supported 30
Waste upcycled 165kg
Work provided 180 hours
IsoGroup Sheltersuit
IsoGroup België

Wie is IsoGroup

IsoGroup is a company with a strong mission: creating sustainable, energy-friendly and stylish homes. Homes where it is pleasant to live, where comfort and warmth are priorities. Due to the corona crisis, the number of projects has increased significantly. People are now spending more time at home and are placing more value on how comfortable while still beautiful their home is.

We are fortunate as the insulation specialist will contribute by setting aside a donation amount, for Sheltersuit, with each project. That way it can continue to support structurally, our mission as Sheltersuit, in the coming years.

Our goal is to deliver well-insulated homes to our customers. However, we are aware that not everyone has the option to acccess a comfortable and safe home. As a team, we would like to do something about that.

Niels Vincke, Commercial / marketing director IsoGroup
CAW Mechelen x Sheltersuit
Bart Claes, General Manager CAW Group

30 Sheltersuits for CAW Mechelen

In 2022, the first 30 Sheltersuits were distributed in Mechelen in cooperation with the national aid organization Centrum Algemeen Welzijnswerk (CAW).

Mechelen is a wealthy city, yet an estimated 50 people live on the streets here. Fortunately, CAW aid workers have an overview of who the people in need are, so they can proceed in making contact with them and handing out the Sheltersuits.

Feeling inspired? Get in touch and let’s have a chat

At Sheltersuit, we are always looking for new partnerships to support our mission. Does your company want to support us in protecting the homeless with specially designed solutions while reducing waste and creating new jobs for people with a distance to the labour force? Send me a message and let’s talk.

Paul Zurink, Sheltersuit Foundation
Paul Zurink
Head of Communication
T: +31 (0)53 203 2375

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