support Sheltersuit as it suits you

From the Netherlands, New York, and South Africa, we work to protect people experiencing unsheltered homelessness around the world. In order to realize that, we depend on support in all kinds of forms. Partly there is support in material form so we can upcycle. In addition, there are our donors who support both one-time and periodically.

For companies it is extra easy that we have ANBI status. This provides companies with an extra tax advantage. All donations – large and small – are very welcome and help Sheltersuit to remain of value. remain. Would you like to support us financially? See here which way suits you best.

The secret of structural support

We welcome any donation, big or small, whether it’s one-time or structural. But the latter – structural support – gives us an extra advantage. It offers continuity and allows us to plan ahead. Simply because we know better what we can count on each month. Do you commit your structural support for at least 5 years? Then there is an even more significant additional benefit. The tax authorities call this form of support a ‘periodic donation’. The entire amount will in this case be deductible from your income tax. There is no minimum or maximum to qualify for this additional tax benefit. And a notary deed has not been necessary since January 1, 2014. However, you must be able to prove in writing that the donations have actually been made. Is periodic donation a way of supporting that works for you? Then you can arrange it through a simple agreement. Fill in these forms and then we will complete them together with you.

any questions?

Want to support us financially but can’t figure out these options or have a completely different great plan? Please let us know. Donations are important to our work and we would be happy to work with you to see which form of support best suits you.

ANBI: opportunity for companies

The Tax Authorities have designated us as an Institution for General Purposes: we therefore have ANBI status. This is good for Sheltersuit and very convenient for companies.

Any company that supports us may deduct its donation from its taxable income. And we as Sheltersuit do not have to pay gift or inheritance tax on these gifts (and inheritances). Do you have a company or can you support us from your employer? Then this is the ideal way.

May we be your heir?

A unique way of donating and one that we cherish very much. The fact that donors want to pass on warmth after their death, by including us in their will, is a very noble act. To make sure you are well informed, we would like to point out three important points:

  1. You can keep changing the contents of a will until death. It is wise to appoint someone to take care of the settlement of the estate.
  2. Good to know: we do not have to pay inheritance tax on inheritance. So the full sum benefits our work at Sheltersuit.
  3. To be legally valid you need to have a will drawn up by a notary. This involves costs, but an orientation meeting is often free of charge. Do you want to leave (part of) your