Career Opportunity:

Executive Director

You are

  • Sheltersuit’s face when it comes to connecting its strong social mission with the need for business acumen.
  • driven by the belief that – in an era of hyper-wealth and seemingly boundless growth – major social problems have to be addressed with urgency and solved through viable, market based and scalable solutions.
  • an outspoken Social Entrepreneur who perfectly understands how to make impact, how to connect people and how to spread the Sheltersuit word. Impact is your key driver.
  • a true communicator and bridge builder, both internally as well as externally.
  • an innovative mind, thinking in possibilities when it comes to resolve the global and distressing problem of homelessness.
  • in possession of a bachelor degree. MBA preferred.

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Sheltersuit Foundation

Sharing shelters – Using up-cycled materials – Providing jobs

Worldwide, over 150 million people are experiencing homelessness. That number is growing by the minute. Poverty, mental illness, unexpected loss of jobs, natural disasters and wars are the top causes of homelessness around the world. In the Netherlands alone, more than 30,000 people are currently experiencing homelessness.

How Sheltersuit was founded

When a father of a friend died on the streets of hyperthermia, Bas Timmer had the urge to make a change. He felt that no one should experience the conditions that led to this. To help protect people experiencing homelessness from the elements, he designed the Sheltersuit, a wind- and waterproof coat that can be transformed into a sleeping bag. Sheltersuit Foundation was founded in 2014 to help ease the symptoms of homelessness.

Nowadays, Sheltersuit exists in Europe, South Africa and the United States, continuing to create products suited to local climates and needs while using up-cycled materials and providing jobs.

Our mission

Sheltersuit believes that everyone deserves warmth, protection and dignity. This keeps the Sheltersuit team focussed on creating specially designed products and working with partners to distribute them where they are needed most. Sheltersuit thrives on bringing people together and their products are made in social factories, employing people with a distance to the labour market.

Reducing waste streams

The fashion and textiles industry is extraordinarily wasteful. Up-cycling material is an important part of the process of making Sheltersuits and other Shelterproducts (e.g. the Shelterbag). Sheltersuits are lined with repurposed sleeping bags, making each one unique, and often utilise up-cycled tent fabric for the outer. Other partnerships also aid in repurposing factory seconds meaning less waste and more environmental awareness.


Sheltersuit believes in the power of co-operation is the only way to create a sustainable positive change. For example, TenCate Outdoor Fabrics is a valued partner, suppling the outer fabric of the Sheltersuit. Furthermore, the organization is supported by Start Foundation, who invests in the further professionalization of the organization and the creation of workplaces for people with a distance to the labour market. And many other companies and funds, like Maersk and Chloé, who believe in the Sheltersuit mission.

Your role

Your ultimate goal

In Europe alone, over 700.000 people are sleeping rough. It is Sheltersuit’s goal for 2025 to support 20.000 people with thoughtfully made products that help ease the symptoms of homelessness.

Backed by new funding, it’s up to you to help

Bringing Sheltersuit to the next level.

Key responsibilities:

Team and organization

“People helping People” – a team of 15 employees and approximately 25 volunteers work in the social sewing atelier in Enschede. Many of whom are distanced to the labour market. For newcomers, who have overcome hardship or people with a disability Sheltersuit Factory creates employment opportunities. Supported by the Sheltersuit founder and Chief Creative Officer, Bas Timmer and together with the Chief Operations Officer you run both Sheltersuit Foundation as well as Sheltersuit Factory.

Background / candidate profile

Skills and knowledge


Bachelor degree required. MBA preferred.

Are you the one who can bring Sheltersuit to the next level? Then contact NOBUSEARCH+ via [email protected]