Why support this fundraiser

Sheltersuit is a design driven NGO with warmth in its DNA. Creating multifunctional products that provide immediate shelter to people experiencing homelessness. Our products are produced in our own social factories in The Netherlands and South Africa. Since 2014 Sheltersuit has given warmth to over 12,500 people, created 112 jobs for refugees and former homeless people and up cycled 21.000 kilograms of leftover material in the process.

Sheltersuit pillars

Our mission is based on three pillars, that steer our efforts so we can continue providing lasting impact. These three pillars are in parallel with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Giving shelter

Because everyone deserves warmth, protection and dignity. Our products are the Sheltersuit & the Shelterbag. We distribute our products with the help of local NGO's.

21,000kg of upcycled materials

Created from the textile industry's surplus of fabrics, we believe in repurposing materials for a purpose.

112 jobs

Produced by people with a distance to the labour market (ie: former refugees and former homeless individuals), we want to close the loop and create job opportunities for communities to overcome poverty.


Spread warmth and dignity this holiday season

With every $70 one person will be protected with ShelterSuit’s ShelterBag. Join us as people helping people, protecting the unsheltered and providing warmth and dignity. Donate today!

This year a special $300 tax deduction helps most individuals give to charity, even if they don’t itemize.

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