To our utmost surprise and with great honour we proudly announce the news that the jury of the German Design Council has officially selected Sheltersuit as a winner of the German Design Award 2018. The Sheltersuit is a high quality water-and windproof jacket, combined with an attachable zip-on sleeping bag, that provides protection and warmth in any type of weather condition.

After nominating Sheltersuit in August for the prestigious and internationally renowned German Design Award, the jury selected the Sheltersuit design from a large number of participating nominees as the German Design Award winner 2018 in the category for sports, outdoor activities and leisure.

The Dutch fashion designer Bas Timmer designed the Sheltersuit, after the father of his best friend became homeless and tragically died in the winter cold when forced to sleep outside. This tragedy prompted Bas to design the Sheltersuit to help prevent such terrible events from happening. Founded in 2014, the Sheltersuit Foundation manufactures the Sheltersuits in the Netherlands and hands out these full-body protective suits to homeless people in different places around the world, completely free of charge.

The Sheltersuit Foundation is fully dependent on donations of companies, private individuals and the support of volunteers. The Sheltersuit Foundation has already been able to produce and hand out in excess of 1500 Sheltersuits to homeless people all around the world. Different companies donate high quality textiles and materials for the Sheltersuit production, including: TenCate Outdoor Fabrics, 3M and Nomad.

”It feels incredible to win this award. I hope this will boost our efforts to give warmth to even more people in need.” – Bas Timmer (Sheltersuit designer and founder of the Sheltersuit Foundation)

The annual German Design Award is highly regarded throughout the world and is organised by the leading authority on design in Germany – the German Design Council, which was founded in 1953. The jury of the German Design Award is chaired by some of the most praised and acclaimed specialists, businessmen and brand directors in fields of industry, marketing and design. The role of the German Design Award is to support individual designers in all matters and is aimed at generating an added brand value.

Recently, the Sheltersuit design has also been nominated as a finalist in the Dutch Design Awards 2017 in the category for products. The winners of these awards will be chosen by a jury and announced at the end of the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, on Saturday 28 October. Part of the Dutch Design Awards is the Public Award – an award given to the nominee with the largest number of public votes.