With great astonishment and pride we learned the news that the jury of the highly regarded and internationally prestigious German Design Award has nominated the Sheltersuit for the 2018 German Design Award, in the category for sports, outdoor activities and leisure.

The German Design Award was originally founded in 1953 on initiative of the lower house of German parliament. The function of the German Design Award is to support industries in all matters and is aimed at generating an added brand value through design. Designers, owners and brand directors of numerous renowned companies chair the board of the German Design Award.

The award category for sports, outdoor activities and leisure fits well with the Sheltersuit. The Sheltersuit is specifically designed to protect people against any type of harsh weather condition, in particular homeless people. The Sheltersuit is a water- and wind proof jacket, combined with the comfort of a high quality zip-on sleeping bag.

Through donations of companies and private individuals and the support of volunteers, the Sheltersuit Foundation has already been able to hand out in excess of 1300 Sheltersuits to homeless people all around the world. Companies which provide the materials for production of the Sheltersuit include: TenCate Outdoor Fabrics, 3M and Nomad.

Through the product Sheltersuit, our foundation provides warmth to homeless people. At our production factory, we employ refugees and other people with a disadvantage to the job market. Through working at Sheltersuit, we help the refugees with integrating in Dutch society, learning the Dutch language and becoming an active member of society.