Sheltersuit partners

Sheltersuit believes in the power of cooperation, only together can we be able to bring about positive change. We work closely with the following parties who support our mission. The different parties make their contribution in various ways, either through donating materials, services, expertise and/or providing us with financial resources. This makes it possible to produce and distribute Sheltersuits to people who live in the cold for whatever reason.

Our organisation is supported by Rabobank Foundation, Start Foundation and DOEN Foundation, among others. They invest in the further professionalisation of the organisation and the creation of workplaces for people who are distant from the labour market. TenCate Outdoor Fabrics has been our most important partner from day one when it comes to supplying the outer fabric of the Sheltersuit. This material in question is of high quality and is water- and windproof.

Become a partner of Sheltersuit

Do you also want to contribute to our mission, so that together we can make the world warmer and give people fair opportunities? For this purpose we have put together several partner packages to enable everyone in supporting Sheltersuit.


Partner Packages

Depending on your donation amounts, we will give you the best means to make it known that your company supports our warm mission! For example, should you get the social media package, your company will be included in our communications and have it be possible to participate in our Sheltersuit events.

Up to 4 Sheltersuits

Social Media Package (self-downloadable and available from every donation)

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5 to 9 Sheltersuits

+Deskstand, A1 poster with thank you message, flyers, key ring, and access to partner events

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10 to 16 Sheltersuits

+A1 poster with personalised thank you message, Sheltersuit partner-logo, mention on the partner-wall on location at Sheltersuit head-office, and a mention on the Sheltersuit website.

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17 to 34 Sheltersuits

+Specific social media post from Sheltersuit over your sponsoring us as partners, guided tour of the Sheltersuit workshop and head-office, and access to partner events.

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Sheltersuit partners

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