Even the smallest donation gives warmth and shelter to someone in need

No one on this planet deserves to live in terrible and inhumane circumstances. With our Sheltersuits, we are one step closer to our vision of a world filled with warmth and with enough shelter for everyone. However, we cannot reach our goal without your help. To be able to keep producing Sheltersuits, save lives, give hope, create jobs and educate people, we are dependent on your compassion and donations. Only together, we can create change that matters.

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Sheltersuit Foundation

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Millions of people are pushed into homelessness every single day. By making a one-off donation today, you could support us to save lives by spreading warmth and shelter with our Sheltersuits. Not only are you supporting the production in our social workshop in Enschede but also the improvement of many life circumstances. Give Sheltersuit a helping hand with a flexible one-time donation.
Thank you for joining us.

No matter how big your donation, your generosity helps us to:

  • Provide education and job coaching in our social workshop
  • Help with the (re-)integration in society
  • Give warmth and shelter to the ones in need
  • Invest in our volunteers and their jobs that are vital to our organisation
  • Keep producing and giving as many Sheltersuits away as we can


Sheltersuit would not be possible without your donations. Only together, we can keep spreading warmth and shelter all over the world.